Therapists and other equine services in the Wessex Classical Riding Group area


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Animal Physiotherapist
Fay Fretton   

07703 175526 or 01425 652284

Equine Trainer
WCRG Sponsor
Sarah Weston, Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship and holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate in Horsemanship.  Areas covered include groundwork, long reining, preparation for starting, bitting and early ridden work as well as dealing with problems such as barginess, biting, refusal to have the bridle on, clipper shyness, refusing to load and ridden problems. She also specializes in handling wild ponies and remedial horses. 

01725 512434 or 07871 252954

Qualified Saddle Fitter
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Claire Barnett, Member of the Institute of Master Saddlers, also rug repairs 01425 656274 or 07990 883010
Equine & Rider Sports Massage
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Gemma Lacey MICHT, discount on block bookings of 3 sessions and/or 3 horses or more.  Also horse and rider sessions held and group talks.

07789 077195

Feed Merchants
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WJ Pardey & Son, Godshill
Richard and Valerie also stock many other useful horsey items.

01425 653250
Equine Trainer and Behaviour Specialist
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'Understanding Equus' with Debbie Reilly.  Covering all aspects of behaviour, communication and natural horsemanship training techniques, Debbie offers private consultations and workshops, designed with you and your horse's needs in mind. Through expert guidance training and on-going support, Debbie will help you to maximize you and your horse's potential and to develop a true partnership through understanding.
07715 732278 or 01425 483911
Rug Repairs
Muddy Rugs - horse rugs professionally washed, re-proofed and repaired. 07784 541590
Leatherwork Brown Fox Leather - headcollars, stirrup leathers (extra long or short), 'bling' brow bands and more, all hand made to order.  Plus dog collars, leads, smart belts for breeches etc.  Bespoke sizes and designs a speciality.
Equine Dentist

Martin Walls BAEDT
Member of the British Association Equine Dental Technicians

01962 777790 or 07970 902155
Gateway Stables, Portsmouth Road, Marwell, Hants SP50 7HF

Western Saddle Fitter Maria Owens, western saddlefitter and Heather Moffett saddles which put you in a perfect classical position.  I also sell Mark Rashid DVD's amongst other things.