AGM Report November 2007


We currently have 108 members, which is very pleasing. There are 20 riders registered on the Pleasure Riding Scheme (and 22 horses). This Scheme seems to have hit a chord with our members and I would like to thank Tina for her work in running this scheme, despite the horrendous building work going on around her.

The Dressage Competitions are still popular and I would like to thank Bridget once again for all the hard work she puts into organising and running these. It is no easy task. You may have seen the article in the Salisbury Journal recently featuring a picture of our Championships. Nancy Buchanan is doing a sterling job of keeping the WCRG in the public eye.

Talk and Chats. We had a very varied year again with talks on Safety; Trekking to the Grand Canyon; Conformation and How it Affects a Horse’s Performance; You and Your Trainer; Healing; Le Trec and the Wilton RDA. Following on from the Le Trec talk we recently had a successful clinic which inspired all those who took part. We hope to run another clinic early next year and are talking about the possibility of running a small club competition. Our thanks to Katherine Protheroe and Chris for all their hard work in setting up all the obstacles and helping participants on the day and also to Rachel Barnett for the use of her premises.

We also had our Dog Show in August which was great fun. I think the rules got a little bit turned upside down in the ‘dog most like its handler’ class – those of you who have looked at the web site gallery will appreciate what I mean by that! Our thanks to Tina for supplying the venue and doing most of the work and to Lesley for the loan of a very posh BBQ.

Web Site. I do hope those of you with computers have taken the opportunity to look at our new, improved web site. We have to thank Ele Milwright for this and I have to say she is doing a superb job of keeping it updated. It is in its early stages at present but hopefully will become even more interesting and exciting as time goes by. If you have any articles or pictures you would like displayed please e-mail them to Ele (her address was in the last Newsletter).

I think I have covered everything, my apologies if I have missed anything out.

We will just quickly run through the AGM and then spend the rest of the evening playing skittles and chatting.


During the evening a presentation was made to Gill Clark who is stepping down as Chairman after five years in the post. Gill is hoping to take an extended trip to Canada in 2008 and also, now that she has transport, to take part in as many events as she and Fly are capable of doing. This means that Gill would not have the time required to carry out the Chairman’s duties as she would wish to. The position of Chairman will be taken over by Lesley Higgins but Gill will still be around in a supporting/dogsbody role as required so you have not seen the last of her yet!

The current committee presented Gill with a bouquet of flowers, a bridle hook and a picture in recognition of her support of WCRG.
   (The photograph shows – back row: Rachel, Gill and Bridget; front row: Lesley and Tina).

Our thanks to EQUISHOP, SCATS and INGRAMS for donating prizes for the evening's raffle.

WCRG AGM, November 15th, 2007
Held at The White Horse, Downton 

1)      Apologies for Absence. Amanda Barton, Sally Liddon, Nancy Buchanan, Jan Drewitt, Lorna Davies

Minutes of AGM 2006.
Matters arising from previous minutes. None

4)      Chairman’s Report. Gill thanked our sponsors. We currently have 108 members, and 20 riders registered with the PRS (thanks to Tina Elliot for running this scheme). Dressage competitions are still popular – thanks to Bridget Keeble for organizing these, also to Nancy Buchanan for getting our results and a picture of the Championships into the Salisbury Journal. Talk and Chats have been varied this year and following on from a leTrec talk we held a very successful clinic. Thanks to Katherine and Chris Protheroe for organizing this and to Rachel Barnett for use of the venue. Dog show was a successful day, thanks to Tina for supplying venue/ doing most of work and to Lesley Higgins for loan of BBQ. Encouraged members to look at new improved website (Thanks to Tim for all his work struggling with old format) – with thanks to Ele Milwright for designing it and keeping it so well updated. Members can email articles/pictures to Ele.

5)      Thanks to Gill. Rachel then thanked Gill for all her hard work as Chairman over the last 5 years and presented her with some gifts and flowers from the committee.

6)      Treasurer’s report. Club accounts are healthy – as of today excess of income over expenditure is £588.57. All events/schemes this year have made a slight profit. Explained that most of membership fees are taken up by affiliation to and insurance provided to BRC, with proportion of rest being used for admin costs. Will need to raise membership fees slightly for 2008, hope membership understands reason for this. Offered copies of overview of income/expenditure for inspection.

7)      Matters arising from Treasurer’s report. Number of increased costs for 2008 – BRC costs, Wilton RDA, cost of Talk and Chat venue. So c’ttee would reluctantly like to increase membership fees to cover this, as well as charging members £1 to attend Talk and Chats next year. Would members like to comment on this? Should the committee review the location of Talk and Chats, perhaps book the room for each date we have well in advance to ensure we get the correct room? Ideas carried forward. Proposer: Audrey Pocock, Seconder: Elaine Matthews.

8)      Election of committee members. The following have offered themselves for re-election onto the committee: Tina Elliott, Lesley Higgins, Rachel Barnett, Bridget Keeble, Katherine Protheroe and Nancy Buchanan. Proposer: Jill Musty, Seconder: Chris Protheroe.

9)      Award of ‘Amorous Imp’ Cup. To Lesley Higgins.

10)   Award to volunteer who has given up the most of their time to help WCRG. This year it is awarded to one very quiet and unobtrusive helper, who has been enormously helpful to Gill personally, as well as photocopying the newsletter and stuffing envelopes and providing cups of tea! Awarded to Jane Mullan.

AOB. Members brought to the attention of the room various events happening locally in the next month. Gill then presented the new chairman to the room – Lesley Higgins. She then invited the members to enjoy the rest of the evening playing skittles.