AGM Minutes 2009


Held at: The White Horse, Downton On: 17th November 2009, 8pm

1) Welcome and running order for evening

2) Chairman’s Review of 2009 ‘I took over as Chairman at the last AGM and must say that this year seems to have gone past very quickly. We have enjoyed some excellent talk and chats – thanks to Nancy for organizing these. We had a fabulous side-saddle demo in the spring at which my 2 year old managed to pour tea over herself, meaning I missed the second half – but luckily no harm was done with the tea. We have had a demo by Sarah Weston, a trip to the races, clinics with dressage rider Fiona Macdonald and are looking forward to our trip to Olympia next month.

We have also had another year of very successful dressage competitions.My thanks must go to Bridget Keeble and her team of helpers for the organization of the dressage competitions. As most of you will already know Bridget is standing down this year after 6 years as dressage coordinator. She has done a very fine job and I would like to take this opportunity to present her with a framed photo of her lovely young horse ‘Diesel’, Flowers and Compimentary membership of WCRG for 2010.

We are now hoping that we can do as good a job next year. We will be starting our 2010 competitions in March – and hope to have a schedule prepared by the New Year. We are yet to have a designated dressage coordinator to take over from Bridget, so will have to see how things work out.

On the theme of helping at our events I would like to suggest an idea to members for approval. We would like to thank really loyal helpers by offering them free membership to the club for the following year. If you think this is a good idea, could you please raise your hands – Those in favour…..Majority voted in favour, Those against……No-one voted against, Thank you – we will take that idea forward for formal discussion at the next committee meeting.

Any other ideas….Our leTrec adviser, Katherine Protheroe is standing down from the committee this year. Our thanks go to her for all the work she has done for WCRG over the years and she promises to still be on hand for advise with all things leTrec. Katherine – we have some gifts for you. We are also losing Sarah Waller from the committee – she has been our secretary this year and although she is unable to be here tonight we also have a small gift for her.I have enjoyed putting together the newsletters this year – I have discovered how to do something new with the computer programme on each one I have done, so I hope you have also enjoyed them.

The PRS scheme has gone from strength to strength, my thanks to Gill for all her hard work this year. More on that from Gill a little later.Nancy has organized some excellent talk and chats for next year – my thanks to her for all her inspired ideas and hard work. We also have lots of ideas about demos and events for 2010, but more from Nancy also a little later. I am looking forward to continuing as Chairman for the next 12 months (if you will have me) and hope that we can make 2010 another successful year for WCRG.Thank you very much. We will now have the formal bit of the evening voting on committee members for 2010.’

3) Apologies – Jane Mullan

4) Matters Arising from last AGM Minutes – none.

5) Voting of the new committee for 2010 ‘As I have already mentioned we have 3 committee members standing down this year – Katherine Protheroe, Sarah Waller and Bridget Keeble – our thanks for all they have done.The rest of the committee is willing to stand again for 2010 if members wish them to carry on. They are:Rachel Barnett, Nancy Buchanan, Gill Clark, Lesley Thompson. To re-elect these members to the committee - Could I have a proposer: Colin Draper, A seconder: Audrey Pocock.  We also have 3 members who have agreed to join the committee for 2010: Tamsin Rose, Jan Drewett and Steph West.  To elect these members onto the committee - Could I have a proposer: Nancy Buchanan, A seconder: Gill Clark’

6) Treasurer’s Report ‘The club’s finances are looking very strong this year – we show an excess of income over expenditure of £1192 at present. We remain affiliated to BRC, so the bulk of membership fees goes directly to them – however, they do provide all members with public liability insurance cover at RC events, as well as providing the club with cover at all of its events. We have looked into organizing our own insurance cover, but the costs are large and it seems more sensible to keep the status quo. Membership fees will remain at £17 for individuals, £27 for 2 members at the same address and £5 for under 16s for 2010 and we hope you will continue to support WCRG next year. I have copies of the overview of income and expenditure if anyone would like a closer look.’

7) Nancy’s Review of all things Talk and Chat 2009. Nancy reviewed the year’s events and talk and chats, reminding members of the visit to Seamus Mullins gallops which is Wednesday 25th Nov and our trip to Olympia on December 16th.

8) Gill’s Review of the PRS 2009. Gill outlined how the finances for the PRS are very healthy and also how the PRS works for anyone who may be thinking of joining. She showed members the new glass plaque we have had made for members of the scheme who reach 1000 hours and encouraged people to rejoin/join on the night as she had come armed with the receipt book!

9) Awarding of the Cups and Prizes, presented by Bridget Keeble.The Amorous Imp Dressage Accumulator Cup and plaque goes to – Lynda Davey and Gipsy Lady, The WCRG DTM Accumulator Cup and plaque goes to – Rachel Barnett and Bee, The Helper of the Year Glass and complimentary WCRG membership for 2010 goes to – Amy Cousins

10) AOB Suzanne Kempe from the New Forest Enthusiasts informed the members about some of their forthcoming events.

11) The members enjoyed a meal provided by The White Horse, courtesy of WCRG.

12) Nancy’s ‘Horse’ Drive – which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part. The winner, who collected the most ‘horse’ point was Lesley Poole, who was presented with her prize – a portable CD player.

13) Raffle

Meeting closed at 10.30pm.