Competition rules for the Wessex Classical Riding Club

Please read carefully before submitting your entry

Entrants breaking Wessex Classical Riding Group (WCRG) competition rules or Wilton RDA (WRDA)/Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (FCRT) rules will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave.

WCRG Competition Rules apply to all tests.  These are the same as British Dressage except:
- You are NOT restricted to a snaffle bridle; you may use any appropriate bridle EXCEPT a gag.
- Grackle nosebands are not allowed.
- You do not need to remove your horse's brushing boots or leg bandages.
- You may wear clean chaps.
- Show or hacking jackets are requested but are not compulsory in hot weather providing you wear a riding shirt (no t-shirts).

NOTE: Classical Riding Club (CRC) Tests are NOT marked movement by movement.  Your horse will be marked on responsiveness, attentiveness, acceptance of contact, straightness, forwardness, balance, suppleness, freedom, roundness through the back and quality of transitions.  The judge will take account of breed variances without losing sight of the overall quality of work.  The way you ride will account for one third of the marks.  Harmony and empathy between horse and rider will be specifically rewarded.

CRC Tests also attract bonus points:
- lack of spurs = 1 point
- cavesson noseband (no flash or drop nosebands) = 1 point
- use of plain snaffle bridle = 2 points

HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY: WCRG, as organiser of this event, has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all responsible precautions to avoid and prevent accidents, and shall obey the instructions of the Organiser and all Officials and Stewards.  It shall be deemed a condition of entry that neither the Organisers or Landowners nor their Agents shall be held responsible for any loss, injury, damage to competitors, onlookers, their property, servants or horses or ponies, howsoever caused.  Everyone mounted, whether competitor or not, shall wear a hard hat to at least the minimum standard, with harness properly adjusted and fastened.  Failure to do so will incur elimination.

For the avoidance of doubt and unless explicitly stated to the contrary, medical facilities at the venue will be limited to standard NHS accident and emergency call out.  Any veterinary services utilised including horse transportation, accomodation or legal disposal of deceased animals shall be charged to and paid by the competitor.  WCRG do not guarantee that there will be immediate access to veterinary services or a horse ambulance at the venue.


- All Wilton RDA/FCRT locations are strictly no smoking.  No dogs please.
- All droppings and loose hay must be cleared up.
- If riders are removing coats/jackets, please dismount to do so.
- Lorries or vehicles with trailers at Fortune Centre must be parked facing the indoor school.  Cars should be parked in the car park situated at the end of the indoor school, which is clearly marked just as you are about to enter the yard.  No unloading/loading onto or from the concrete aprons in front of the loose boxes (they are sloping and slippery).  No horses/ponies may be ridden on the concrete aprons in front of the loose boxes or McNaught House.  No trotting on the yard.  Horses without riders must not be left standing without anyone holding them!
- Do not allow visiting horses to drink from WRDA/FCRT water buckets.
- Loose boxes or the wash down area must not be used without permission from the member of staff in charge of the yard.

There should be no more than 8 horses in the indoor school at any one time (maximum of 10 in the outdoor school).  When horses are entering or leaving the indoor school, the door much be fully opened before passing through.  If horses are in the school the doors must be closed and re-opened (and shut) as more horses enter.  When riding in the school please adhere to the 'Rules of the School' as displayed on the red notices.

Neither WCRG nor WRDA/FCRT nor any of the representatives accept any liability for any damage, injury or loss sustained by an article, object, animal or person whilst on WRDA/FCRT premises.  WCRG and WRDA/FCRT reserve the right to claim damages, costs of repair or to take any action they see fit against any person with respect to that person or to any article, object or animal on the premises.

All competitors compete at their own risk.